concept: 3d print a dumpster, put LEDs in there to simulate fire. Bonus points: internet & use current events to drive intensity.


  • print all parts at 140% scale
  • compensate -0.02mm "bin"
  • use green PLA (Matter Fiber HTPLA is great) for bin, hinge, sleeves
  • use black TPU for wheels & lids
  • use piano wire for "bar" (hinge pin); bend one side

Tea lights:


  • Particle Photon (fave IOT platform)
  • APA102 or WS2811, high density, 10 LEDs
  • 128x64 OLED display for stats

The intensity feed:

  • IFTTT: if "user posts on twitter" then "publish an event to Particle". It's a public event, the data is entirely the contents of the tweet. The device subscribes to / receives that event and uses the number of characters to drive the intensity. Over time the fire dies down to a relatively low smolder.
  • In the video below, the unit starts at minimum intensity and reacts as if to a 45-character tweet. Over the next ~48 minutes the intensity will die back to the lowest value (unless there's more tweeting).