difficulty: ***** anyone can do this
prep time: ***** like 2 mins TOPS
clock time: **** 2-4 hours

Everybody loves wings! There's a super-easy smoker recipe that makes great wings every time. It oughta work well in the oven too.

What to buy

Get wings at your favorite Publix or nearest approximation. Just wings. And some sort of seasoning -- lemon pepper, cajun salt, that sort of thing.


Just lay 'em out on a sheet, tray, or layer of foil. Sprinkle to your satisfaction with some sort of rub / seasoning blend.

Oven method

TBD; probably 275 for 2 hours?

Smoker method

Run 'em at like 250 for a couple good hours. If you are feeling frisky, either crank it up at the end or toss 'em on a grill for a minute to make 'em a little bit crispy. Not really required tho.


They're wings! Ready straight off the smoker as-is, or toss 'em in your favorite sauce.


Chicken on the bone works really well cold.