difficulty: **** I can do this
prep time: ***** like 2 mins TOPS
clock time: *** 6-8 hours. plan ahead

Oven Brisket

Shoppin': Usually 1/2-1# per person; more if you plan for leftovers. Usually $10/lb, look for < $6/lb

Prep: Rub meat liberally with coffee rub on all sides; finish with the “top” fat layer. With the fat layer facing up, place the meat in a foil tray OR even better, use a basting pan to keep the meat from sitting directly on the juices while cooking.

Oven Method: Cook at 300° until internal temperature hits 195° (3-4 hrs). Raise oven temperature to 425° until internal temp. of meat reaches 205°.

Smoker Method: Use mesquite wood. Cook at 250° until internal temp. of meat reaches 195+°, Raise smoker temperature to full blast until internal temp. of meat reaches 205°.

Best Way to Serve: Slice vertically into thin strips, across the grain.

Leftovers: Great when added to Ramen, OR reheated and served with nachos & queso.