difficulty: *** not too bad
prep time: **** 5-10 minutes
clock time: *** 6-8 hours. plan ahead

What to buy

Look for "standing rib roast" at the grocery store, or ask the butcher. It usually runs $18-20/lb, a good sale will be under $10/lb. The ribs are often separated from the steak (a ribeye) and retied, for easier serving later. It's OK to cook them together but will be more challenging to cut and serve.

Traditional Recipe Prep

Rub meat heavily with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Place in a 2”-deep pan (glass, metal, or foil pans are all okay).

Traditional Recipe Oven Method

Cook at 425° in the oven for 1-2 hrs. until the outside of the meat is crispy. Reduce oven temp. to 250-300° (lower is better, but takes longer) until internal temp. of meat hits 150° (160° is well-done). Let rest for 15 mins. before serving.

Smoky/BBQ-Style Prep

Rub with Montreal Steak Seasoning or a coffee-based rub. Place in a 2”-deep foil tray.

Smoky/BBQ-Style Oven Method

Cook at 275° until internal temp. of meat hits 180°. Raise oven temp. to 450°, spray olive oil on the outside to crisp the bark.

Smoker Method

Cook at 250° until internal temp. of meat hits 190°. Raise smoker temperature to full blast until internal temp. of meat reaches 205°.

Best Way to Serve

Before serving, cut the string & separate the ribs. Slice vertically (across the grain) into 1” steaks.


Great in sandwiches (cold or reheated) or added to Ramen. Also great sliced & reheated, then served with nachos & queso.